Teaching solutions for Schools and Universities


Full-featured Internet Place for Schooling, Meetings and Online Training.

TUTORCOMP Live Professional is your full-featured Internet place for schooling, meetings, training and collaboration. This solution is designed for universities and training organizations to deliver training to students. Business companies use TUTORCOMP Live Professional to train employees, customers and partners anywhere in the world.

Simultaneous Live Classes Handled in Multiple Virtual Classrooms

A key feature of Tutorcomp Live Professional is the ability to set up multiple virtual classrooms/meeting rooms and configure them with different capacities. This enables simultaneous (overlapping) live classes and online sessions in different classrooms to be held at the same time. Have group or one-on-one sessions, workshops and live lecture - all taking place live on the Internet.

Multiple Teachers, Session Hosts and Online Instructors

With Tutorcomp Live Professional you can set up individual accounts for each of your faculty members - administration, teachers, session hosts and instructors - each with an individual profile. Maintaining the faculty database is easy with the powerful user and access management tools. Enable teachers and instructors to set up their own classes and lectures, maintain individual class scheduling.

Take Your Entire School to the Internet

Advanced Web-based management is available for managing the virtual classrooms, moderators and site administrators. Creating virtual classrooms is easy - with just a few clicks you can extend your virtual school to the necessary size. Assign class schedule and management permissions to your teachers. Achieve different levels of isolation between your teachers and tutors by giving or depriving them access to your student database. With Tutorcomp Live Professional Edition you can set up public (community rooms) as well as access restricted rooms. Each virtual classroom has its own calendar of events.

Plans Based on Teachers ("Per Teacher" Licensing Model)

With the "per teacher" licensing model, you need a license for each teacher/tutor (session host) who will hold online classes and live sessions. Each teacher is provided with his own virtual classroom with independent scheduling. The administration can configure the teacher with scheduling access as well as access to your students.

Live Virtual classroom Feature list

Enterprise-class online class room training solution for Schools, universities and online schools. Arrange simultaneous live classes and online meetings with multiple teachers and presenters.

The Richest Set of Virtual Classroom Tools for Online Collaboration

Your experience in an Tutorcomp Live online classroom is powered by a rich set of collaboration tools. Teach and train with no difficulties as if in a real classroom. Easy to use built-in tools for a first-class experience.

Crystal Clear Full Duplex Audio

Integrated Audio Conferencing. Multiple Speakers. High Quality Voice over IP (VoIP) even on lower bandwidths. No conference calls. No additional charges for audio conferencing.

Shared Interactive Whiteboards

Multiple shared whiteboards. Type text, launch images and slides. Full digital tablet support for handwriting or precise drawing.

Rich Markup & Annotation Tools

Use markup and annotation tools on the whiteboards as well as over images and slides. Use pointers and checkers to focus your attendees' attention. A rich clip-art library is available along with plenty of useful math symbols.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

Enhance your computer based training classes sharing your entire screen or just a single application. Give remote control to students and attendees. Initiate remote screen sharing on students' computers.

Session Recording and Playback

Record your live sessions and meetings for quality control or archiving.

Video Conferencing

Enhance your live classes, team meetings and group discussions with live video conferencing. Video conferencing with up to 20 video feeds even on lower bandwidths.

Share PowerPoint, Files & Images

Share PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT and other common document types. Use markup and annotation over slides and pages. Launch files and broadcast images synchronously.

Guided Web Tours

Many resources are located on web sites on the Internet. Take your audience to a web page - all together at once. Navigate safely and securely.

Text Chat & Session Notes

Instant messaging / text chat is available for communication along with the audio. The session leaders can enable/disable the text messaging options.

Arrange Online Polls and Surveys

In a virtual classroom the online polling feature is a must. Arrange online polls with predefined answers.

Breakout Rooms for Individual Collaboration

With the TUTORCOMP Live Breakout rooms you can split your class into smaller groups so that your students collaborate and practice individually.